Why do you travel and visit different places and Countries? I am sure most of the people would say the culture, monuments and the things that are really dominating in the world. If that is what your answer is then you got to be visiting UAE someday in your life to see one of the biggest man made constructions on the earth.  Yeah, I am talking about  the world record holding tower, after Six years of hard work, the biggest tower of the world popularly known as “Burj Dubai” has finally opened on 4 January 2010. Most of the people in this world including me would die to visit Burj Dubai at least once in their lives. Take a look at some of the things about Burj Dubai:

  1. Its 800 feet tall tower, world’s largest, more than 1000 feet taller than Taipei 101 the previous record holding tower on earth.
  2. More than 20 million USD were spent on the construction according to the sources
  3. Took 6 six years of hard work in total
  4. More than 25000 people can easily gather there.
  5. The tower is made of stainless steel.
  6. More than 160 storey Tower
  7. Amongst the labor that constructed the tower more than 60% were from abroad, mostly from India(50%).

I think these are the only things that I know about the tower till date, I am sure there are so many things that I still need to know and see, I really want to visit Burj Dubai someday in my life to be up-close and personal. I am sure people that love to travel and like to see things that really matter in this world would think the same way, right guys! One thing which is surely going to happen because of Burj Dubai is the increase in Dubai tourism, I am sure the increase is going to be rock solid!