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Been away from a long time...

Hi there, I am sure you all must have been wondering what has happened to me and why I have not been updating my blog with new posts, the reason is, I was away from my Country, had to go to some place where the connectivity was a big problem, I could not get to my blog there. Now I am back ready to roll, will be posting  new interesting travel stuff. I am sure you all are ready to get to some of the bests I have to share with you all. Look forward to my next article, it's about a place in India, it's about something that would attract you all and will drive you all to be there up close and personal.. so be ready to welcome my next post..

Thank you for the love and support you have been over the years, got your messages, thank you for wishes!!
Recent posts

Atlanta (Georgia)

Atlanta, a bustling, extravagant city, is the capital of Georgia. It is located in the foreland of the southern foothills of the Piedmont Plateau, on the watershed between the Gulf of Mexico and the Atlantic. Originally, the city was planned to be a railway junction. It quickly prospered into a significant commercial town. Atlanta is the fastest growing metropolitan area in the United States, with a growth of 20.5% between 2000 and 2006.

Atlanta has excellent transportation facilities as expected from such a premier city. Car rental can go a long way in providing tourists with a true insight of the city. If you are somebody who loves modernity and advanced technologies, you will surely enjoy your visits to the World of Coca-Cola and the Inside CNN Studio Tours. You can reach these famous attractions comfortably with car rental.

Driving to famous tourist spots such as the Georgia Aquarium and AtlantaBotanical Garden will enable you to enjoy the breathtaking beauty of nature. The thirst …

France Ferries – The Aspect of Taking Along Your Vehicles

Travelling to the lovely French coast on a ferry is a wonderful experience. The refreshing sea breeze, the colourful atmosphere on board and the glorious time to rejuvenate your spirits are enchanting enough to pack your bags for a short weekend trip.

And why only bags, what about vehicles? Yes, though this may sound a little bit unbelievable, there are many ferries that have facilities to carry your personal vehicles, a hatchback or an SUV, to the other side of the sea.

The expenses are considerable and do vary. In case you are registering space for carrying along a small 4-seater car, the costs are lesser when compared to booking space for a light-weight truck.

Nevertheless, you always can exercise the exciting amenity of taking your vehicle on board, and driving open heartedly through the magnificent French coastline.

It is always a wise thing to book your car space in advance, in order to avoid any unnecessary hassles moments prior to start of your journey. The tickets can be e…

Visit Burj Dubai In 2010 it opens finally

Why do you travel and visit different places and Countries? I am sure most of the people would say the culture, monuments and the things that are really dominating in the world. If that is what your answer is then you got to be visiting UAE someday in your life to see one of the biggest man made constructions on the earth.  Yeah, I am talking about  the world record holding tower, after Six years of hard work, the biggest tower of the world popularly known as “Burj Dubai” has finally opened on 4 January 2010. Most of the people in this world including me would die to visit Burj Dubai at least once in their lives. Take a look at some of the things about Burj Dubai:

Its 800 feet tall tower, world’s largest, more than 1000 feet taller than Taipei 101 the previous record holding tower on earth.More than 20 million USD were spent on the construction according to the sourcesTook 6 six years of hard work in totalMore than 25000 people can easily gather there.The …

Travel more in 2010 Olympics are calling you!

2009 was a good year for me, been to different place, met with different people, made good friends, ate good food, came to know about some cool travel destinations. Became a big fan of Big brother also two more shows, watched travel & Living more than I normally do, also watched AXN a lot, welcomed my cousin who came to see us from Australia, have many things to add but let's not get in to the detail, over all 2009 was good year both health wise and wealth wise.

Welcome 2010 with the hope that year will bring a lot of joy for all of us. Have made few plans to travel places that I havn't before, one of the places that I wish to visit is Egypt, have seen and heard a lot about the country on TV and books. I might be visiting Egypt by the end of 2010.

I am sure people have different plans in their minds, many would start their year visiting places like Paris, Switzerland, London, new york and many more... one of my friends is ready to go to Vancouver for winter Olympics, he…

Family Time on Ferries to France

If you’ve lived in UK all your life and you’ve never been on a ferry to France, you’ve really missed something (with sea sickness sufferers being an exception). Ferries to France give you a great travelling option when it comes to crossing the channel, and there are a number of reasons that this mode of transport finds so many takers. For starters, you can even take your car with you.

Besides, travelling onboard a ferry does not bind you the way that travelling in an aeroplane would. You do not have to stay put in your seat, and even if you do not book a suite or a cabin, you still have the freedom to walk on the deck of the ferry as and when you please. Try doing that in the aisle of an aeroplane. Also, you can carry pretty much as much luggage as you want to, with the basic guide being that as long as it can fit in your car, you can take it.

Travelling onboard a ferry to France also gives you options galore when it comes to onboard activities. Cross channel ferries that ply in betwee…

airbed and breakfast doing just fine!

I recently came across one of the best bed and breakfast sites called airbed and breakfast, it's started just a few years back, it's research work and marketing campaigns were so good that the site has become number one in providing airbed and breakfast.

What works for the site is the easiness and user friendliness features, I was quite new to it but when I entered into the site, it appeared as If I am a pro at handling things there.

Site has users from as many as over 90 countries and have listed their rooms in the site, sites gives the owner who wants to list his or her room on the site to build the social profile on AB&B, which is really fantastic.

If you are looking for cheap rooms anywhere around the world i would recommend visit, I am sure you will easily get a stylish stay at less!

Recently I saw people from Vancouver, Canada rushing to the site to post their rooms for the upcoming winter Olympics in Feb 2010, if you are interested in posting…

Five Most Essential Items For a Backpacker

Backpacking is fun, thrill and adventure. But it needs to be judiciously planned in order to stay away from difficulties that may mar all the fun.

Five Most Essential Items That a Backpacker Must Carry

1.Compass:A compass is the only device that can help one find his way through unknown routes. It becomes particularly helpful in poor weather conditions when the landmarks become invisible. GPS devices are also worth having.

2.Map:A map tells a hiker where he is and how far he needs to go. Moreover, it helps one in finding water, campsites and often an emergency exit way in the event of an accident.

3.Food in excess:While you are on a backpacking trip, a number of incidents can detain you. A difficult terrain, hours lost in finding the way, a lengthened detour or an injury can all contribute to an unplanned delay. In these situations, excess food kept in the reserve is absolutely necessary to keep the physical energy and the mental motivation up.

4.Water and means of purifying it:The organs …

Have a safe travel by getting the best travel insurance!

Traveling is fun. But nobody ever thinks of the risk in traveling like having a holiday accident or a mishap. It is better to be prepared so that one can enjoy the traveling experience without any fear. Before planning a trip it is better to be prepared by getting travel insurance so that your family is safe while you are on board. Generally travel insurance helps to cover the expenses and losses which happen while you are traveling. This can be both inside one’s own country and outside the country too. There are temporary travel insurances too which can be got at the last minute before booking the trip so that it covers exactly the expenses during the trip.

Whether you are planning to go for a business trip outside your country or you are planning to go abroad for studies, travel insurance is a must. Without a travel insurance one cannot meet the expenses occurred during the travel time. When going on a holiday or a business trip, travelling without insurance is not healthy as the me…

Missing those days

Hi guys, I am really missing those days when I use to have plenty of time to do one or two posts a day, things have really changed now. The burden of my exams keeping me away from what I love the most, yes! you got that right it's you guys, I just love writing and sharing things that I love the most. you guys have really been very encouraging, I am going to be back on track from next week most probably. Will then be here most often! I am really counting the days here.

Another thing I am missing the most apart from interacting with you guys is my girlfriend, we haven't met from last three weeks, not even texts or telephones eve, would you believe that! but you got to as this true, things have really changed, she's busy in her life and I am busy in mine, but I am sure once I get free things will be back on track. I am signing off here, will catch you guys later! Missing you all!!