Travelling to the lovely French coast on a ferry is a wonderful experience. The refreshing sea breeze, the colourful atmosphere on board and the glorious time to rejuvenate your spirits are enchanting enough to pack your bags for a short weekend trip.

And why only bags, what about vehicles? Yes, though this may sound a little bit unbelievable, there are many ferries that have facilities to carry your personal vehicles, a hatchback or an SUV, to the other side of the sea.

The expenses are considerable and do vary. In case you are registering space for carrying along a small 4-seater car, the costs are lesser when compared to booking space for a light-weight truck.

Nevertheless, you always can exercise the exciting amenity of taking your vehicle on board, and driving open heartedly through the magnificent French coastline.

It is always a wise thing to book your car space in advance, in order to avoid any unnecessary hassles moments prior to start of your journey. The tickets can be easily booked on the internet with the help of a credit card.

You must remember a few more things on board of France ferries when you take your car along. Always carry the relevant documents with you that are related to your car or truck. The ownership papers, the insurance documents and most importantly, your license; all these are very essential if you want to enjoy a good drive on wheels after your brief sea voyage.