Backpacking is fun, thrill and adventure. But it needs to be judiciously planned in order to stay away from difficulties that may mar all the fun.

Five Most Essential Items That a Backpacker Must Carry

1.Compass:A compass is the only device that can help one find his way through unknown routes. It becomes particularly helpful in poor weather conditions when the landmarks become invisible. GPS devices are also worth having.

2.Map:A map tells a hiker where he is and how far he needs to go. Moreover, it helps one in finding water, campsites and often an emergency exit way in the event of an accident.

3.Food in excess:While you are on a backpacking trip, a number of incidents can detain you. A difficult terrain, hours lost in finding the way, a lengthened detour or an injury can all contribute to an unplanned delay. In these situations, excess food kept in the reserve is absolutely necessary to keep the physical energy and the mental motivation up.

4.Water and means of purifying it:The organs and muscles of our body cannot perform properly in absence of adequate water. Absence of water also makes one susceptible to altitude sickness and hypothermia. And, enduring acute thirst for hours is too big a pain in itself. But, having adequate water is not enough on a backpacking trip. The backpacker should have means, of purifying the water, at his disposal. Drinking impure and contaminated water often threatens the lives of backpackers with fatal diseases.

5.First-Aid Kit:First-aid kits for backpackers are pre-packaged and are readily available at different outlets. A first-aid kit is immensely helpful in case of any kind of accident and injury. A backpacker can even enhance his first-aid awareness by attending basic classes with Wilderness First-Aid or American Red Cross.