If you’ve lived in UK all your life and you’ve never been on a ferry to France, you’ve really missed something (with sea sickness sufferers being an exception). Ferries to France give you a great travelling option when it comes to crossing the channel, and there are a number of reasons that this mode of transport finds so many takers. For starters, you can even take your car with you.

Besides, travelling onboard a ferry does not bind you the way that travelling in an aeroplane would. You do not have to stay put in your seat, and even if you do not book a suite or a cabin, you still have the freedom to walk on the deck of the ferry as and when you please. Try doing that in the aisle of an aeroplane. Also, you can carry pretty much as much luggage as you want to, with the basic guide being that as long as it can fit in your car, you can take it.

Travelling onboard a ferry to France also gives you options galore when it comes to onboard activities. Cross channel ferries that ply in between these countries are known to provide services such as round the clock restaurants, bars, and even casinos. Most well equipped ferries also have dedicated play areas for the young ones, and that makes them the perfect family getaway vehicle.

So the next time you intend to take your family on a holiday; do make sure that you give enough thought to this great option.